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The sacraments are seven, namely: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Marriage and Priestly Order.


This sacrament is the first step in a lifetime journey of commitment and discipleship. The fruits of Baptism include forgiveness of original sin and of all personal sins, birth to new life, for which man is made an adopted son of the Father, member of Christ, temple of the Holy Spirit. Lastly, this sacrament incorporates us into the Church, Body of Christ Requirements To be presented at the parish office to register and set the date. Submit your baby's birth certificate. Present proof of pre-baptismal course for parents and godparents.

Prebautismal Classes Calendar
in San Carlos Borromeo-Year 2017 513-948-1760

Parents/ Godparents need to call the parish office for details and to sign up in advance. Once registered, please do not ask missed class, unless it is an emergency. If you need to cancel the Class registration, please call the office in advance.

Sábado, 3 de Junio 2017 8:45am
Sábado, 1 de Julio 2017 8:45am
Sábado, 5 de Agosto 2017 8:45am
Sábado, 7 de Octubre 2017 8:45am
Sábado, 4 de Noviembre 2017 8:45am

On the day of the class, they must present themselves at the time indicated to the living room of the community building, in front of the Church. You must remain in the entire class to be entitled to a voucher.



Las inscripciónes del programa de catecismo 2017-2018 estan abiertas
Los Domingos alas 10am-12pm


The Holy Eucharist is the central sacrament in which we celebrate the memorial of the Death and Resurrection of Christ, that is, the work of salvation accomplished by the life, death and resurrection of Christ, a work that is made present through action liturgical Under the consecrated species of bread and wine, Christ himself, living and glorious, is present in a true, real and substantial way. The Communion of the Body and Blood of Christ nourishes our union with Him and strengthens the unity of the Church, Mystical Body of Christ.

Baptismal certificate.
Age of 7 years and older.
Attend the training course.


Confirmation is a sacrament of mature Christian commitment and a deepening of the gifts of baptism. The baptized are more intimately united with the Church because it is the sacrament that gives the Holy Spirit and perfects the baptismal grace. In this way, this sacramneto helps us to take root more deeply in the divine filiation, to become more firmly rooted in Christ, to strengthen our bond with the Church, associating ourselves even more with his mission and giving witness to the Christian faith through word accompanied by the works.

Baptismal certificate.
Age of 7 years and older.
Attend the training course.

Reconciliation or Confession

This sacrament gives us back the divine life lost because of sin. Also called the sacrament of conversion, of confession, of penance or of reconciliation. In it we find the unconditional forgiveness of God; As a result, we are called to forgive others. It consists of three elements: conversion, confession and celebration. Through this sacrament we are reconciled with God and with the Church.

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm to 8pm (after Mass.) If you want to make an appointment for another day, please call 513-948-1760.

Anointing of the Sick

It maintains the divine life in the sufferings of serious illness or old age. Through this Sacrament we find appropriate healing both physically, mentally and spiritually. In addition, it unites the suffering of the sick person to the Passion of Christ, for his good and that of the whole Church. It gives comfort, peace and courage to bear the sufferings of illness or old age in a Christian way. In danger of death, it prepares us for the passage to eternal life.

Priests are available to visit and administer this sacrament to community members, be it in hospitals or in their homes, please call 513-948-1760.


- It is a life-long alliance between a man and a woman, in which they become a living sign of God's Love for his Church and the world. Through this sacrament, the spouses express a perpetual and exclusive bond, so that the valid marriage celebrated and consummated among the baptized can never be dissolved. In addition, the spouses are strengthened in indissoluble unity, in sanctification, in the reception and education of their children.

Make an appointment to have an interview with our pastor.

Priestly Orders

All baptized persons share the priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Risen. Some are called to share and ordain ministers of the Church as Deacons, Priests or Bishops. Through this Sacrament, the mission confirmed by Christ to his apostles continues to be exercised in the Church until the end of time: it is, therefore, the sacrament of apostolic ministry. Consequently, priests are called to celebrate the sacraments, to proclaim the Gospel, and to provide other means for the sanctity of the baptized.


Newborn children are often brought to the Church to give thanks to God for their lives and to receive the blessing. Just like the Child God was presented in the temple by the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph.


The girl who celebrates her 15th birthday with her family and friends gives thanks to God for the gift of her life. She expresses her gratitude and at the same time makes a promise to God and the Blessed Virgin to live the rest of her life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church, at the beginning of this stage of her life as an adult.